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SkinCare Guardian Soothing Serum - Varicose Vein Treatment Leg Spider Veins Circulation Support Soothes inflammation with Herbal Extracts and Essential Oils
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About the product
  • LEG VEIN TREATMENT BLEND- Horse Chestnut Extract and Essential Oils
  • VARICOSE VEINS SUPPORT- comforting cool mist
  • WHY SUFFER- inexpensive soothing relief
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Great for Soothing Legs & Ankles
My legs and ankles were bothering me at night and I could not get to sleep. I sprayed and massaged the product on my legs and ankles and it eased the discomfort I had and I was able to go to sleep. Very happy with purchase.
by chrisc
I love it.
Sometimes my legs ache but this spray makes them feel refreshed. I order just one bottle the first time and after using it I ordered several more. Don't want to run out. I love it.
by Starr L. Williams
Totally helps!
I use this with my high frequency device and it helps relieve the pain in my legs!
by Who111
great leg serum
by sicancu
Five Stars
The best
by Ada
I received this Anna’s Secret Soothing Leg Serum from Skincare Guardian about a couple of weeks ago. This comes in a small 4 ounce spray bottle. This has a very strong scent, however, I did not think it was bad just very strong. I can feel it working, cooling the leg instantly as it is sprayed. It works great on aching muscles and on varicose veins. This should also help to reduce the appearance with veins, which is part of what I wanted to try this for when using it. This is perfect to apply to the legs after a long day at work. The legs feel refreshed and it eases tired muscles. This is so easy to use. After a long day, I just spray onto my legs probably about 6 to 8 inches from my legs and then gently massage in with my hands. I focus primarily on the veins that are visible and the muscles that are sore. I have also sprayed in the morning directly onto visible veins just to work to quickly eliminate the veins. I am very happy to be using this on my legs. Sometimes I can be on my feet for hours and this is great giving me energy back to my legs. I would definitely recommend this Leg Serum to my friends and family.
by Steph K.
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