Skin Healing Ointment for You and Baby
Calendula Comfrey Herb Super Salve, Herbal Balm from Creation Farm large 4 oz jar Soothes many itchy and dry skin issues
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About the product
  • SUPER SALVE - The active constituent allantoin proliferates new healthy cell growth. The benefit of this salve is its fast action to mend cuts, wounds, burns, and bruises.
  • PSORIASIS AND ECZEMA - Customers are sending us Thank You's and Testimonials Daily. Great salve for cracked hard callouses on the feet and hands.
  • VITAMINS FOR WOMEN - Are only part of the story, This amazing all purpose skin ointment is an anti inflammatory for swelling from bruises and gout.
  • CALENDULA-COMFREY HERBS - Skin Food for Dry Skin, Skin damage and inflammation from psoriasis, eczema, and skin allergies subsides, mends, and recovers quickly.
  • ESSENTIAL RELIEF - Rub on for Baby Ointment for Rash, Adult Wind burn and the dryness caused by it also recovers quickly.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
All natural in a glass container! What else does one need... :)
by One Earth
I was looking for a replacement for "Melkfett" which I used to use back in Germany. So far I am very happy with this salve, it does the exact same job the Melkfett did. I use it almost exclusively as lip balm, and only sometimes for my hands if they are very dry from doing the dishes. Even I loved and praised my Melkfett I must admit this salve actually provides a much longer and more effective protection and care than my "old" Melkfett. What I absolutely love about this product is that ALL ingredients are natural. Amazing! I also love that it is packaged in a glass container and not plastic. Finally a skincare product which doesn't try to flood my apartment, and therefor my life, with plastic.
Great for eczema! Finally some relief.
by Jay S.
My toddler suffers from a terrible case of eczema since he is a 2 month old. We tried so many creams and ointments nothing worked. when we tried this product much to our disbelief it really worked!!! His eczema got much better and it did not make it worse. It's a small jar and lasts us for 2 weeks use since my toddler's eczema is all over his body we must use a lot. But definitely worth it for us finally some relief! Thanks for such a great product. Highly recommend.
Excellent creme when you have an itch
by J. Beane
Have had this salve for several months but when poison ivy season started found out how good it is. Using a combination of lye soap and this calendula-comfrey salve kept the itching down and dried it up quickly. Was using this on 3 or 4 people at the same time and all found it relieved itching. Also have used on my granddaughter with skin problems and it helps her if she begins to itch. We love natural remedies and this is one we will keep in our arsenal from now on. I'm sure we will find more uses in the future.
Wonderful Salve
by L. L. Linton
I love this cream/salve. I splintered my leg and had to have surgery to reassemble it. Comfrey is supposed to help bones heal and calendula is good for scars. Most of my scars have faded to shadows in 14 weeks. I really feel that this cream also helped with the pain.
I love this salve!!
by Christina Busse
I bought this quite some time ago and forgot to write a review. This salve is awesome. I use it on my face at night when my skin is super dry either from the weather or when I've done a peel on myself (I'm an esthetician) and I need healing power of calendula/comfrey and the moisture locking power of olive, cherry kernel and jojoba seed oils. I also put this on my hands at night. It's so good. I love it.
I bought this while prepping for radiation treatments after my ...
by Patty
I bought this while prepping for radiation treatments after my breast cancer surgery. This is a lovely salve. I've even used it on the rest of my body. While it might feel greasy to start it seems to absorb quickly. The scent is very mild while applying and doesn't hold over.
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