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From Blind Faith to Reason: An Ex-Muslim Saudi Reexamining Islam
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  • Apostasy in the Middle East is booming. Ex-Muslims Arabs are coming out as atheists or Christians, not shying away from speaking up openly on various medias. Reacting to the apostasy movement, Sheikhs and Imams, who are influential voices in their communities, are demonizing ex-Muslims in their own congregations. Amid this battle of intellectualism, one undercover Saudi Arabian author unapologetically draws the line between what is culturally influenced by Islam and what is enshrined in Islam. While not attacking Islam or Muslims, Ibn al-Arabi contemplates, “Does the Islamic faith, as the text portrays it, belong to the twenty-first century?” “Have we misinterpreted Islam? “How could a religion, having been around for fourteen centuries, be continuously misunderstood?” Is the problem Muslims or the text, or both?” “Should some teachings, beliefs, explanations enshrined in the text, thus culture, be discarded or reformed? The effort of five years of searching for answers these questions. Mehr lesen Weniger lesen
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